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Innovation is our Everyday

When a new customer needed a creative solution to a critical crash test failure, our engineers embraced the challenge. Would we be able to find the right materials to produce a perfectly-crafted, durable part?

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Strength in Sisterhood

Our customers rely on our metalforming expertise, but we do far more. Partnering with our sister companies, we also offer comprehensive services in supply chain management, IT, assembly, storage, packaging, distribution and transport.

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We Invent Things Here

While our customers praise our quality work, they especially value our ability to create ingenious solutions. When a design isn’t translating into an effective product or when a disconnect persists between available materials and engineering, companies turn to us for help.

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Adventures in Workcell Design

A small but mighty part, the deceptively simple striker is the result of several complex engineering and production decisions. It’s critical to safety, must be extraordinarily durable, and if it doesn’t work, you aren’t going anywhere.

Adventures in Workcell Design2022-10-02T16:31:16+00:00