Strength in Sisterhood

Our customers turn to us for metalforming expertise, but that’s only the start of what we can do. Partnering with our sister companies, we offer expert services in manufacturing, logistics, supply chain management, distribution and assembly, providing complete solutions for any customer.

The eight Deshler brands often unite, in varying combinations of services, to design solutions for customers of all sizes and types. Throughout that process, Amanda Manufacturing frequently takes a lead role in both design and production. We also advise on materials and processes, and rely on our decades of expertise to craft updates and solutions as needed.

One example is our work on Deshler’s Crankcase Pressure Sensor Bracket Assembly. It was a long name for a small, yet essential diesel sensor assembly we helped produce for a major automaker.  The complete part was elaborate and its components delicate, and the sensor required precise placement and integration.

As we were already a long-term supplier, the customer knew we possessed the metalforming and engineering proficiency to develop a correct, cost-effective solution. This would also include analysis and design improvement to the assembly’s supporting brackets.

Working with diesel sensor engineers, we were able to explain to our customer why their current chosen brackets weren’t optimal. Our engineers then demonstrated how our modified design would improve overall function and protect the complete assembly from engine heat, vibration and wear. 

Also, rather than making separate brackets to support each individual sensor in the assembly, we designed a new, single bracket to hold the three sensors securely in place. Our work to redesign and properly mount the overall part realigned the entire assembly and smoothly integrated it into its engine environment. 

In production, we relied on high-strength, American-made steel and our experienced manufacturing team’s superior craftsmanship to contribute to a successful final assembly.

Once we completed our parts, we delivered them to GS3 Global, our Deshler sister company. An expert in supply chain management, GS3 also offered our customer sophisticated tooling and assembly coordination. Its dedicated team successfully combined our brackets with the diesel sensors, rings, hoses and other components comprising the final piece. 

Throughout the design and production period, GS3 managed sourcing, parts procurement and all steps in the supply chain. Their expert quality management was also essential. Our team delivered high-quality final parts for shipment on time and in the numbers the customer had requested.

Before, during, and after assembly, two other sister companies were also working hard for the customer. First, Feblo International, Deshler’s packaging, warehousing and distribution company, received and stored the various components needed for the part. 

Feblo also provided ongoing program management and quality assurance support during production. Whenever the customer needed to alter production numbers, delivery speeds, or destinations, Feblo’s inventory management expertise proved essential. In addition, its custom packaging design protected the final delicate assemblies as they traveled to their final destination.

Speaking of travel, we then turned to our transportation and logistics partner Global Transportation Management (GTM USA), who provided the final piece of the program. Offering comprehensive and custom global delivery capabilities via multiple transportation modes, our sister company is widely known for its efficiency, reach and reliability. 

From sourcing to delivery, GTM was responsible for all movement of materials and parts. Their drivers transported raw materials to our plant, and completed parts to GS3 for final assembly and to Feblo for packaging and distribution planning. Once our intercompany effort was complete, GTM shipped the assembly back to the automaker for placement in vehicles sold around the world. 

In the end, our customer was delighted with the final product. While we’re particularly proud of the Amanda Manufacturing team for producing superior quality metal parts for this assembly, we’re also proud of our partnership with our sister companies. Working with Feblo, GS3 Global and GTM USA, we designed a multi-step solution that saved our customer money and time. 

Working together, we combined our skill sets, knowledge and resources to offer a comprehensive product, far more detailed than any of us could have alone. Everything our customer needed and far more than they had expected. Even though we’re known primarily for our metalforming expertise, many companies now choose us first, because we have this expertise always close at hand.