Project Description

Hood Prop Rods

Amanda Manufacturing hood prop rods are stable rods intended to safely hold up vehicle hoods during inspection and repairs. Each rod we produce is a vehicle-specific design, made of high-strength steel and powder-coated. We also carefully inspect each item for precise fit and function, to ensure customer safety and part stability throughout the life of the vehicle.

Process Highlight: RIVETING

With riveting, we rapidly and permanently join two metal parts, using a rivet. This allows for assemblies of hardened heat treated or different alloy metals to produce finished components of varying dimensions and materials. A straight metal piece, with a previously formed head, is inserted tail-first through precisely punched holes in both parts. The tail end is then pounded or otherwise altered to form a second head, which allows the rivet to expand, completely filling the space and fastening the assembly at both ends. Our riveting capabilities include both spin (orbital) riveting and impact riveting.