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Amanda Manufacturing in 2020

In 2020, Amanda Manufacturing’s advancement continues, via growing partnerships, new automated work cell capabilities, and the grand opening of the company’s new design center in Logan.

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AM Grows with MSD Stamping Purchase

In 2016, MSD Stamping is purchased by Deshler Group and becomes Amanda Manufacturing Michigan, increasing capacity and adding new capabilities and product lines.

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DAP Becomes Amanda International

In 2014, DAP, Amanda’s sister company in Costa Rica is renamed Amanda International, highlighting their close ties, quality products and global reach.

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Amanda Manufacturing Expansion Groundbreaking

In 2014, to support its rapid growth, Amanda Manufacturing welcomes state and local leaders to Logan to celebrate the groundbreaking of the plant’s 55,000 sq. ft. factory and office expansion

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Amanda Products Founded

In 2013, a new division is born: Amanda Products, an innovative, SEMA award-winning aftermarket parts designer and manufacturer.

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ABB and Claude Sintz Merge

In 2009, Amanda Bent Bolt merges with Claude Sintz, a specialty automotive parts company owned by Deshler, and consolidates their operations in Logan, Ohio.

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Amanda Bent Bolt Expansion

By 1986, Amanda Bent Bolt has doubled its new factory in size and continues to expand into other industries, parts and techniques, including robotic welding and CNC wire bending.

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