At Amanda Manufacturing, we believe it’s all of our responsibility to preserve the future of our families, communities, and planet. With this in mind, we encourage every team member to take ownership of their actions in the workplace, and to prioritize smart use of our available resources.

While there’s still a place for traditional manufacturing processes, we continue our adoption of new methods and technologies which increase efficiency, conserve energy, and reduce environmental impact whenever possible. As our company has grown, we’ve also incorporated energy-efficient design and materials into our facility expansion projects.

As for our suppliers, we request they hold CQI certification for special processes including plating, welding and brazing, as well as a minimum quality certification of ISO 9001:2015.

Promoting sustainability is important for our team and our customers. It’s also a smart economic decision. Together, we will improve Amanda Manufacturing’s work environment, manufacturing processes and community involvement to lay the foundation for our company’s and future generations’ labor, growth and success.


Amanda Manufacturing is committed to ethical procurement practices. We will not knowingly purchase any materials mined or produced in nations, states or adjoining regions undergoing conflict or known for human rights abuses.

We are committed to sourcing our materials in compliance with global standards for ethical sourcing.


Amanda Manufacturing is an original equipment supplier committed to quality in all aspects of our business. We maintain multiple certifications which are fundamental requirements of the global production community, including Ford Q1, IATF 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.