Amanda Manufacturing has contributed a feature article to the September 2015 issue of Welding Journal, the official publication of the American Welding Society. AM was approached by the editors at Welding Journal after attracting the industry magazine’s attention last year, following the announcement of the expansion of the company’s manufacturing plant and administrative offices, based in Logan, Ohio. Welding Journal subsequently published a brief piece on the new construction’s progress in January 2015, and then reached out to offer AM the opportunity to contribute a technical article on allied processes and best practices in welding and metal forming.


The article, entitled “Improved Metalforming, Bending and Welding Techniques Aid in Recovering Off-Road Vehicles,” provides a detailed overview of the innovation and ingenuity that went into the production design of the SpeedHook™, Amanda Products’ signature aftermarket product.

Not simply a guide to “how it’s made,” the article delves into the story behind the equipment and processes that were modified (and in some cases invented) to solve the unique challenges of creating the next-generation tow hook. Made possible by an expansive collaboration across Deshler brands, the SpeedHook’s journey from ideation to production provides a detailed example of the automotive group’s ability to marshal the resources and specialized expertise of varied companies in order to shepherd an idea from concept to the consumer market.

The completed article will reach the membership of the AWS, totaling over 73,000 members worldwide, made up of line workers, machine operators, industry leaders, students, engineers and designers throughout the industry. Aimed at an audience that lives and breathes the technical side of modern manufacturing, this article’s publication is a recognition of AM’s hard-earned expertise in the field, as well as a chance to showcase the company’s collaboration process at the point where theoretical concepts become practical applications.