Amanda Manufacturing, a Deshler Group company based in Logan, Ohio, will be marking Manufacturing Day 2015 with a series of short video clips featuring speakers representing state and local government, organized labor, and regional economic development organizations.


Each speaker tells a key part of the story of Amanda Manufacturing’s progress in increasing employment in the skilled trades, stimulating the local and regional economies, and the central role of manufacturing in putting communities back to work in the Midwest.

The previously unreleased videos feature the following speakers:

David Goodman, Director, Ohio Development Services Agency
Martin Irvine, Mayor of Logan, Ohio
Kevin McQuaide, President, UAW Local 1549
Robert Gruschow, President, Deshler Group
Mike Hood, VP of Manufacturing for Deshler Group and Amanda Manufacturing
Joy Davis, Executive Director, Hocking County Community Improvement Corporation
Kathleen Young, Office of Governor John Kasich
John Molinaro, President and CEO, Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth
Tim Alford, Office of Ohio Rep. Steve Stivers

Amanda Manufacturing has also announced that their $5 million plant expansion project is meeting construction benchmarks to be completed in spring 2016, leading to a surge of additional hiring to keep pace with the new facility’s increased capacity and growing demand from customers.

Currently thriving with over 200 employees, including over 170 members of UAW Local 1549, Amanda Manufacturing projects that an additional 20 to 40 jobs will be created between September 2015 and the first quarter of 2016 alone. These new positions will include skilled and unskilled factory workers, office support staff and management positions.

“Amanda Manufacturing has tripled its sales over the past five years, and we have reached maximum capacity at our Logan facility,” said Robert Gruschow, President of Amanda Manufacturing and the Deshler Group. “As we continue to diversify our products and services, expanding our facilities will allow us to develop our operations, add a wide range of jobs and continue to operate efficiently to support our continued growth.”

“We are looking for people with experience, but also are actively pursuing partnerships with our local universities and trade schools to mentor, train and recruit young talent from Ohio,” said Gruschow. “Adding human resources is critical to our ability to position Amanda Manufacturing as an engineering- and design-driven manufacturing solutions provider for our global customers.”

Following the new construction and extensive renovation, the company’s current 130,000 square foot facility will be expanded by nearly 40 percent, with 54,880 additional square feet of manufacturing plant space and a 14,000 square foot new office and facade improvement.

Despite major challenges brought on by early 2015’s lingering winter freeze, plus record rainfall and flooding in the Ohio Valley during the spring and summer, the construction crew has been able to make sufficient progress to keep the project on schedule for a full opening in spring 2016. Additionally, project managers are confident that the new manufacturing space will be completely enclosed by the end of November 2015.

Amanda Manufacturing, which develops and manufactures cold and technical formed rod and stamped assemblies for Fortune 500 and 100 automotive customers and suppliers, is embarking on this expansion to address its growing international business. The expansion also supports Amanda Manufacturing’s foray into new products and services, including the growth of the company’s consumer-facing brand, Amanda Products, which launched in 2013.

With the expansion, Amanda Manufacturing plans to add new technology and machinery to enhance its offerings including additional engineering and design services, tube forming, and increase the use of light-weight, high-strength steels. Additionally, the manufacturing floor will be designed to be more conducive to observation, training and efficient work flow.

The office expansion will include a new facade and office space for engineering and design teams, with a state-of-the-art multi-media conference room to support global communications with Amanda Manufacturing’s customers, business partners, and the other six Deshler Group companies.

The video clips are posted at Amanda Manufacturing’s webpage dedicated to Manufacturing Day 2015

AM also has an event page on the official Manufacturing Day website

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