Logan, Ohio

SARAH BAERShipping Supervisor
Sarah Baer is Shipping Supervisor at Amanda Manufacturing. She began her service at Amanda as a Shipping Manager in 1998.

In her several years as an Amanda employee, she has supported her co‑workers by acting as an in‑house instructor for CPR‑AED and Basic First Aid.

Sarah is a graduate of Logan High School and completed coursework, including EMT classes, at Ohio University Lancaster.

ERIC BROOKSEngineering Manager
VON CRABTREEPlant Superintendent
Von Crabtree serves as Plant Superintendent for Amanda Manufacturing, helping oversee primary operations at the Logan, Ohio plant.

Previously, Von served as Floor Supervisor and Scheduler, and he has been in his current position for two years. He is committed to doing everything possible to produce superior products for Amanda Manufacturing’s customers.

Von graduated from Logan Elm High School and has more than thirty years of experience in manufacturing.

MIKE HOODVice President of Manufacturing Operations
Mike Hood is Plant Manager at Amanda Manufacturing, as well as serving as President of Manufacturing Operations for Deshler Group in Livonia, Michigan. He has led Amanda Manufacturing since 2001, when the company was known as Amanda Bent Bolt.

While at Amanda, Mike has drawn upon his two decades of manufacturing experience to increase company sales by more than 250%.

Mike studied computer programming at Hocking College and currently resides in Ohio.

SHARON KEITHSales Coordinator
Sharon Keith is Amanda Manufacturing’s Sales Coordinator, managing the sales department at our facility in Logan.

Hired in 1994 as a staff member in Receiving, Sharon eventually transferred to Shipping. After demonstrating her capabilities in both departments, Sharon became Amanda’s Shipping and Receiving Supervisor, moving to Sales in 2011.

Sharon is a graduate of Logan High School and attended Hocking College.

SETH MATHENYHuman Resources Manager
Seth Matheny serves as the Human Resources Manager for Amanda Manufacturing, overseeing and managing hiring, job skills training, attendance and safety training.

In 2010, Seth joined Amanda Manufacturing as a time-study analyst, eventually moving into human resources management. Previously, Seth worked as a loan processor and as an oil and gas land manager.

Seth completed coursework in mechanical engineering and business management at West Virginia Institute of Technology and coaches local youth basketball teams in his spare time.

JIM SANDSCost Accountant
Jim Sands is Amanda Manufacturing’s Cost Accountant, managing monthly financial reporting, costs and inventory flow, as well as overseeing the company’s IT operations.

Starting his career at Amanda Manufacturing in Purchasing in 1991, he moved to Shipping and Receiving, and then to Cost Accounting. Before coming to Amanda, he worked for the Campbell Soup Company and for Cuddy Farms.

Jim holds a degree in accounting from Hocking Technical College and has nearly three decades of accounting experience. He is active in his community and volunteers in children’s ministry activities at his church.

LEE ANN SPECHTCustomer Service Manager
Lee Ann Specht serves as Customer Service Manager for Amanda Manufacturing, working to ensure our customers receive excellent care and consistently superior products.

A long-term employee of Amanda Manufacturing, Lee Ann has been with the company for nearly three decades. Her goal is to help both Amanda and its many employees to prosper and grow.

Lee Ann studied accounting at Hocking College.

CRAIG TRAVISQuality Control Manager
Sandy Zwayer acts as Controller for Amanda Manufacturing, overseeing a four-person staff and managing the company’s financial activities, including accounts payable/receivable and benefit plans for all employees.

In 1987, Sandy began her career at Amanda Manufacturing in cost accounting before moving to a controller position.

Sandy has a B.A. in Accounting from the University of Rio Grande and an M.B.A. from Ohio University. She is also a hard-working advocate for the Central Ohio Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.

Livonia, Michigan

MAQSOOD ALIMaterials Manager
Maqsood Ali serves as Materials Manager for Amanda Manufacturing Livonia, where he is responsible for purchasing, MP&L, supply chain and shipping/receiving.

At Amanda, Maqsood also oversees engineering-related activities including built-in new parts, process routing, bills of material, costing in ERP, production and scheduling. Before coming to MSD Stamping, now Amanda Manufacturing, he first worked as an engineer in both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and then as a design engineer at Continental Midland.

Maqsood has a Bachelor’s in Engineering from NED University of Engineering and Technology in Karachi, Pakistan.

Fernando de Hoyos is Amanda Manufacturing Livonia’s Quality Manager, where he ensures high product quality, maintains certifications, advocates for performance improvement and oversees supplier quality and advance quality planning.

Before coming to MSD Stamping, now part of Amanda Manufacturing, Fernando served as business manager at Mahar Tool Supply and managed quality assurance at Stabilus, where he helped lead implementation of lean manufacturing techniques, the Toyota Production System, and Six Sigma certification.

Fernando earned a bachelor’s in industrial engineering from UNEA in Mexico and holds a two-year degree in manufacturing processes from the UTC Universidad Tecnológica de Coahuila, Mexico.

Dewey Johnson is Amanda Manufacturing Livonia’s Plant Manager and also serves in the same role at UniBond, a Deshler Group company that manufactures heavy-duty brake components.

In 1999, Dewey started as a shift supervisor at MSD and was soon promoted to manage production and, eventually, the entire plant. He earned a Lean Manufacturing 5S Certificate of Excellence for his company-wide cost-savings work and he has also contributed directly to MSD’s reception of four GM Supplier Quality Excellence awards.

Dewey graduated from Malcolm X Academy in Detroit and studied business management at Henry Ford Community College and the University of Phoenix.

AL PASKONISSenior Advanced Product Development Engineer
Al Paskonis is Amanda Manufacturing Livonia’s Senior Advanced Product Development Engineer.

Before joining MSD Stamping, now part of Amanda, Al pursued engineering development work in aerospace metals fabrication, electronics guidance for the MK88 Torpedo, and technology transfer research at NIST. His automotive industry experience includes door striker design and related patents for Buell Industries and Ford. He’s managed striker programs for several suppliers since 2008, and has extensive knowledge of manufacturing methods, materials, welding, assembly and automation.

Al holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the Case Institute of Technology.

JOHN SPENCEREngineering Manager
John Spencer is Amanda Manufacturing Livonia’s Engineering Manager, and is responsible for daily engineering activities and new programs at the plant.

Two decades ago, John began working with MSD Stamping and continued in his current role after the company was acquired by Amanda in 2016. Earlier in his career, John worked as a Tool Room Supervisor and managed tooling repairs and new tooling builds at Tower International.

John graduated from Clarenceville High School, completed trade classes at Wayne County Community College, and is a certified journeyman toolmaker.