Offering decades of expert craftsmanship, Amanda Manufacturing can develop and manufacture cold and technical formed rod and wire products for virtually any application. We are proud to engineer and make our parts in the USA.

The facilities and expertise of Amanda Manufacturing, developed over more than thirty years of metal processing, are perfectly aligned to produce cold and technical formed products and heat-treated parts. We supply the world with top-quality metalformed products. producing upset and cold headed products formed to precise specifications, as well as bent bolts up to 1″ diameter in any quantity.

We invite you to partner with our expert staff to develop products for your metalforming and modular assembly applications.

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Employee Empowerment

Amanda Manufacturing’s single greatest asset is our team of skilled employees. We value their expertise and empower them to continuously develop more efficient manufacturing methods.

All of our departments operate with cross functional teams. Collaboration is the key to creating exceptional products. It also facilitates enhanced manufacturing methods to ensure ever-improving craftsmanship.

The employees at Amanda Manufacturing all share the spirit of teamwork and take pride in working together, for you.

Amanda Manufacturing’s engineers combine our updated research and development facilities and their demonstrated CAD-CAM expertise to design innovative solutions for our customers’ metalforming challenges.

We invite you to submit drawings of your components or assemblies and we will perform a value analysis. After analyzing economic and physical values, we will suggest design changes, often implementing formed rod in place of forgings, castings, weldments or stampings.



Amanda Manufacturing is committed to ethical procurement practices. We will not knowingly purchase any materials mined or produced in nations, states, or adjoining regions undergoing conflict or known for human rights abuses.

We also require our suppliers to source their materials in compliance with the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) / Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI), and Conflict-Free Smelter (CFS) Program Protocols.